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Who are Dragon Graffix?
Dragon Graffix is a fusion of photography, web design and graphics. After I graduated, I set up and ran my own photographic business which included: scientific, sport, commercial, documentary, weddings, portraiture, and press photography work. This continued on a semi-professional basis and much of my commercial work these days has tended to be in the areas of portraiture, in particular: performing arts, developing portfolios of inexperienced models, and website and advertising work. As a teacher of photography, web design, and graphics, I have been increasingly asked to create websites for various people that I know, or have worked with, as well as the creation of bespoke graphics for specific purposes. From this, Dragon Graffix was born! Most of the work we do these days is for the domestic and small business and organisations market.
The Dragon Graffix Mission Statement
Our mission statement is very simple. Dragon Graffix prides itself on its professionalism, experience, reliability, honesty, and the value of the service we offer. With many years professional experience, we believe we offer excellent work at a reasonable price; give honest advice; and most of all, we will not let you down. We very rarely advertise our services as we obtain most of our work through 'word of mouth'. We have many satisfied customers who are willing to provide you with references as to the quality of the service they have received from us.
Some Testimonials to our Work
Please note, that these are real testimonials from clients of Dragon Graffix.
They have not been embellished for this website and are how they were originally written.
If needed, fuller references from these clients can be supplied!
"I am very impressed with the quality and speed of the service that Dragon Graffix provided and with extra trouble that they took to get my website looking just right.  I am a classical singer and needed an appropriate looking website; I was very pleased with the end result. A number of colleagues in the classical singing industry have commented, in particular, on the excellent look of the website, and on how easy it is to navigate."
- MS (Opera Singer)
"I first came across Dragon Graffix when I was working as an independent consultant to the Leigh Park Community Improvement Partnership (CIP). In 2008 the CIP decided to set up their own website and commissioned Dragon Graffix to undertake the work. Along with the Extended Services Coordinator for the CIP I worked closely with them in identifying the content and format required. The website Dragon Graffix developed was of very high quality and extremely well received by the schools and community partners that make up the CIP.
recently, when setting up UPP2u Limited with a colleague and needing to develop our own website, knowing the quality of Dragon Graffix work in this field, I had no hesitation in asking them to develop our website. Dragon Graffix undertook the whole process of setting up the website within the agreed timescale and we are delighted with the outcome. The quality of their work for us is such that we intend to use Dragon Graffix to continue to grow and update our website.
or anyone wishing to set up a website, I would highly recommend Dragon Graffix to them."
- DJ (Director, UPP2u Limited)
"Dragon Graffix created websites to complement our school productions of ‘Pazazz’ and ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ as well as providing comprehensive and professional photographic support. The web designs allowed us to showcase the work of students to parents and other stakeholders, working as micro-sites affiliated to our own school web presence. The professional look of the pages and the dedication of Dragon Graffix was greatly appreciated by all and helped to significantly raise the profile of the Drama Department in the school and beyond."
- MP (Director of Performing Arts)
"I have worked with Dragon Graffix on several previous occasions. It was their professionalism, quality of service and pure enthusiasm for my projects that made me choose them to work on my web based service. The pictures required were very specific, we had to achieve a look, feel and capture expressions that would project a message and highlight the effect of my product and the people who would use it. They achieved this and captured every image we needed in just one session, and even dealt with the model release forms for us.
I w
ould always wholeheartedly recommend Dragon Graffix as they supply a professional and considered service backed up with great experience."
- GS (Managing Director, My Mobile Guru Ltd)
“Dragon Graffix gave some very friendly constructive advice as to how I could further improve/promote 2 of my companies when designing a website for me. They consequently designed and built a very eye-catching professional website. This has proved very successful and has received good feedback from my customers worldwide. It has also increased my business. Dragon Graffix have continued to offer full 100 % support and carry out any modifications as I require them. I cannot recommend Dragon Graffix enough and feel there is no other choice.”
- PSM (Managing Director, PSM UK Ltd & Furzeley Motors Ltd)
“I would like to thank Dragon Graffix for all their hard work, advice, and helpfulness in constructing a website for my property repair business. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and have had a lot of positive feedback from my customers who have found it very easy to navigate. I have also found it to be a boom to my business for the same reasons. I would not hesitate to recommend Dragon Graffix to my friends and colleagues.”
- MB (Proprietor, MB Property Repairs)
"Dragon Graffix created a website for us that was extremely useful in conducting the business of our property development project. There were a number of important inquiries as a result of the website, and it was useful to refer clients to it to view important documents. The design was business like and straightforward, which was commented upon and commended by our clients. The service we received was very professional and extremely helpful. We would certainly use Dragon Graffix again and unreservedly recommend them." - DS (Property Developer)
"Dragon Graffix photographed my book collection for record and insurance purposes. They were so helpful and patient to make sure that I got the best out of my collection. The photographs I received were all superb. The right balance of lighting against a rich black velvet background really enhanced my books, and as the resulting quality of the images were so good, I have framed some to hang on my wall." - FT (Book Collector)
"We used Dragon Graffix to take photographs of all the people that attended a party I was holding, just as a memento for the guests. The results were incredible. They set up in a spare bedroom and turned it into a professional studio. Each person that came in was sent to the “studio” all a little nervous at first, before long they were queuing to get their photos taken with their friends. Dragon Graffix managed to capture expressions of fun, varying relationships, affection, etc. I think a party photography could be a new trend for them. They knew how to position and model the guests so that it didn’t seem contrived yet always kept the focus on the expressions.
I w
ould have no hesitation in recommending Dragon Graffix for any photographic session, as I know they would approach it with professionalism and a dedication that can only guarantee satisfaction."
"The photographer from Dragon Graffix is a brilliant photographer; full of great ideas and keen to try new and different compositions. He was very professional regarding his work, and communicates his ideas clearly. Meeting beforehand allowed us both to discuss the photoshoot in more detail, and ensured I was completely relaxed on the day. I am very pleased with the photographs from the shoot, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other models!" - NR (Model)
"I had a location photoshoot with the photographer from Dragon Graffix, had so much fun and got lots of gorgeous pics, very professional and friendly! Look forward to working with him in the future :)" - KY (Model)
"I’ve had 4 photoshoots with Dragon Graffix so far which were all a lot of fun. They had lots of good ideas and I have decent sets of pictures as a result. It was a new experience for me doing location photoshoots and I learned a lot. I hope to do more with Dragon Graffix in the future. Highly recommended!" - KW (Model)
"I had a great shoot this afternoon with the Dragon Grafffix photographer, he's a very friendly guy with great knowledge of photography and had some great ideas. He has a real passion and we got some great images. I look forward to working with him again in the near future." - MT (Model)
"I met the photographer from Dragon Graffix to get to know each other and take a few shots before arranging a full shoot. He made me feel really comfortable, was very easy to get on with and hold a conversation with. I really liked the fact he would rather shoot natural shots and even though we only took a few shots I really enjoyed working with him." - CC (Model)
"This was my first location shoot and it was great fun! The Dragon Graffix photographer made me feel very at ease straight away and gave direction well. The pictures came out great can't wait to see more. Hope to shoot with him again!! Thank you! Would highly recommend to any models!"
- JW (Model)
“This was my first location shoot and I was made to feel at great ease. The shoot went well and I enjoyed it. It was nice meeting the Dragon Graffix photographer before hand, and getting to know him as it made the shoot more enjoyable, and helped with the conversation. He gave good direction and I look forward to working with him again. Thanks.” - SB (Dancer)
“I have known the Dragon Graffix Photographer for a while. Not only is he a talented portrait photographer, his wildlife expertise and images are second to none! He comes across as friendly and very knowledgeable, respected the model we worked with, and made the shoot fun. I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Best wishes." - PT (Photographer)
“I really enjoyed my shoot with Dragon Graffix. Communication before the shoot was good. On the shoot itself I had a great time with him as a tourist guide as went to various fantastic locations. The day flew by. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and kept me fed and watered. He was welcoming to my ideas. I hope to work with him again!” - KM (Model)
“I had the pleasure of Dragon Graffix company today for my first photoshoot. The photographer was friendly, professional, informative and passionate. He made me feel very realaxed. With the initial views of the pictures taken I was very happy and so glad Dragon Graffix gave me their personal time at such short notice. Highly recommend :)” - LC (Model)
“I do recommend the Dragon Graffix photographer. He was very welcoming and he came to see me first before shooting. I got on with him really well. We tried different things and if you don’t like, he understands and gets rid of any pics you don’t like. Thanks.” - CK (Model)
“Had a shoot today with Dragon Graffix. He is a true professional and we talked for a while about concepts and ideas and then did a shoot in Chichester. I was very much at ease and found that him great to work with. I very much look forward to working with him again and I have to say a big thanks for the book that illustrates different types of poses. I shall study it and learn from it. Without doubt one of the photographers everyone should work at some stage.”
- HW (Model)
“The photographer from Dragon Graffix made me feel at ease straight away. After a home shoot we went on to a stunning location which we were able to get a range of shots from. A very fun and relaxed shoot :) Would recommend to anyone and can't wait to shoot again.” - JF (Dancer)
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